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Automotive Performance Products

Automotive Performance Products by Karter Performance, importing a large variety of products for your vehicle. Offering products such as Cold Air Induction Kits, Bolt-on Downpipes, Cat-back, – turbo-back performance exhausts, tuning/Software, bigger Intercoolers, bigger turbo kits, suspension – performance brake options.

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Are you in the market for some performance or bolt on products for your vehicle? Then why not pop into our online store to see what we have for you.

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Products For Your Specific Vehicleย 

We stock and import a large variety of products for your specific vehicle. We offer performance products such as Cold Air Induction Kits, Bolt-on Downpipes, Cat-back and turbo-back performance exhausts, Tuning/Software, bigger Intercoolers, bigger turbo kits and a variety of suspension and performance brake options. We also have an extensive cosmetics list such as front splitters, rear wings, bonnet vents, carbon fibre bonnets, aftermarket grills etc. Vehicle fluids are another line of products that we offer. We have engine oil, gearbox oil, engine coolant, brake fluid, Rims and much more.ย 
Currently, we offer products for Performance Fords, VW, Porsche and Nissan GTR‘s.ย 


We Are Vehicle Specialists

Karter Performance is a South African company providing aftermarket automobile parts and tuning services for specific models of vehicles. Most commonly known for our cold air intake kits and extensive knowledge on modern EFI engines. Our two German technicians are certified EFI University graduates from Lake Havasu City in Arizona, USA in EFI, ECU programming and advanced engine blueprinting. To find out more CLICK HERE.
The business takes pride in having a high standard of product quality and finish, known for our focus on customer service and long-term customer retention.
A large variety of parts are on offer for your specific vehicle.ย 
Our headquarters are based in Gauteng and have authorized dealers in key provinces.
Automotive Performance Products – Karter Performance


see what we’re getting up to and working on.


Karter’s performance exhaust can free some of the power in your engine. These systems allow for quicker, more efficient paths for exhaust gases to escape. This means your engine “breathes” better, so spent fuel and air exit the combustion chambers faster …… Enquire within!


The good news is that although claims of actual horsepower and even increased fuel efficiency may vary, Karters cold air induction system will in fact help increase your car’s performance. … But if you team up our CAI system with other engine modifications, like a new performance exhaust, you’ll create a much more efficient system.



Intercoolers increase the efficiency of the induction system by reducing induction air heat created by the supercharger or turbocharger and promoting more thorough combustion. This removes the heat of compression (i.e., the temperature rise) that occurs in any gas when its pressure is raised (i.e. its unit mass per unit volume – density – is increased).


Judd Wheels are the freshest premium brand wheels on the market. We strive to provide luxury, clean, concave designs, which add more than a touch of class to the aftermarket wheel market. Offering a wide range of fitments along with custom offsets and multiple colour finishes ensures we have something that fits and suits your vehicle.

COBB South Africa

specialized in modifying mechanical components like turbo kits, exhaust system and suspension to electronic parts and ECU management. COBB hit the market strong using one of the first hand held units (Accessport) to access the cars performance potential.

AccessPORT, a handheld ECU programming device which connected to OBD-II port on cars, launched in 2004 is their most popular product because it is the first one to crack Nissan GT-R’s ECU code that was said as “untuneable”. They also develop a software for engine tuning, AccessTUNER which is available in two variants: Race and Pro. The Pro version is available only to COBB approved shops and tuners. The enthusiast ‘Race’ version is available to the end user only after they pass a series of tests issued by COBB and third party organisations to deem the end user competent enough to begin editing their ECU’s parameter


Maxtonยฎ Design is a leader in manufacturing innovative and top-quality car body kits and components such as bumpers, side skirts, and spoilers. We pride ourselves on developing eye-catching designs and delivering durable and certified car body parts using the state of the art equipment and the latest technology within the automotive industry.

We are passionate about what we do and we are constantly improving and developing our production process to accommodate specific requirements and provide a unique appearance and unrivaled functionality.


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